Improvement in PG Medical Education – ANBAI

Improvement in PG Medical Education – ANBAI

Improvement in PG Medical Education – ANBAI – Association of National Board Accredited Institutions (ANBAI) recently had a talk with the Government of India to look into the Medical aura to improve the Medical Education and increase new Medical colleges in the country. ANBAI said in a report that establishing new Medical College in the country will produce millions of doctors every year which will lead to strengthen the Medical and healthcare system. This will make a change in the Medical system and solve the problem of Medical system and standardise the system too.

Improvement in PG Medical Education – ANBAI

Improvement in PG Medical Education – Need of Quality Doctors

Healthcare is one of the most important fact people suffer in our country. So, it’s very important to improve the Medical system. Devi Shetty (Chairman of Narayana Health) said that “Healthcare is the second largest industry in the world. Yet, India has approximately 300 medical colleges producing 30,000-35,000 graduates every year, while there is a need for 500 new medical colleges, producing one million doctors every year.” Devi Shetty also said that, if we increase the payment of the doctors in every organisation, then every patient will be getting the best and quality health care from our doctors.

In the meeting, ANBAI urges the government to appoint more doctors to both urban and rural areas in equal proportion. This will be possible only when new Medical Colleges will be established in the country. In this way, all the patient will get equal treatment from the doctors. So, it’s very important to maintain the standard of all the medical hospitals in the country. Improvement in Post-graduate Medical teaching is in priority.

After analysing the report, we can say that lack of Medical seats in many organisations leads to produce fewer doctors followed by a poor Medical health care. So, New Medical Colleges should be established to get more quality doctors in the coming years to improve the Medical system.

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