NEET NEWS : Petition Filed in Kerala High Court not to Release Result

NEET NEWS : Petition filed in Kerala High Court not to Release Result

Reportedly, a Petition has been filed in high Court in Kerala to postponed medical seat allotment in state until Supreme Court issues verdict on ordinance for NEET.So, allotment of seats in KERALA won’t happen before Supreme Court decision. Moreover, Maharashtra state has also decided to out there medical result after hearing. Sources said they will declare there result on 13th July after Supreme Court hearing.NEET NEWS : Petition Filed in Kerala High Court not to Release Result

 Ordinance was to opt state from CBSE NEET.Ordinance passed by president Pranav mukherjeee while meeting with health minister JP NADDA is going to be held on 4th July. Health  Activist Anand rai who has exposed scandal in Madhya Pradesh popularly known as Vyapam scam, has filed petition in supremecourt against the centre’s decision to exempt ordinance.

 Petition describes many proofs against ordinance; some of these are listed in points here:

1.State medical exams are the source of vanguard in corruption which can be represented as Vyapam scam said Anand rai.

2.State medical exam are usually collapsed due to question out and often conducted again.

3.If there is no issue of language in engineering and law exam then why in medical.

4.The most important thing is that whether it is NEET or not a confusion of many student had suffered a lot in performance due to lack of clarity.

5.Politician said NEET will be implemented from next year why not this year.. politician can’t implement NEET this year because they sold medical seat is black so escaping from refunding money they want to conduct there state exam.

As we have one nation one Constitution so there must be one medical examination.

Make NEET NEAT from this year. These statements are well said by every medical aspirants.

So the hearing will be held on Monday 4th July under supervision of chief justice Mr.T.S Thakur and for majority fight by health Activist Anand rai and advocate Amit Kumar and it’s team with sankalp charitable trust.

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10 thoughts on “NEET NEWS : Petition filed in Kerala High Court not to Release Result

  • Already children had enough mentel stress on the medical exam of this year, need an end for this mentel torture . NEET can comfortably enforced from next year onwards without putting children in confusion. All should satisfy with the ordinance for the Govt seats.

    1. Ok, but all private seats including out of state,management, Nri etc should be filled up neet merit, and no booking or no donations please,please forward my this comment to all high courts and supreme Court.I am anale to go to court, so.

  • though we have one nation and one constitution we are not following a unique syllabus so u can postpone NEET FOR THIS YEAR

  • Supreme Court should clearly mention that manegement quota seats should be strictly filled by neet merit even if cutoff needs to be reduced or no cuttoff,then only donation free culture will start, there should be central govt committee to decide management quota seats, may be 2 lac higher than normal seat

  • “As we have one nation one Constitution so there must be one medical examination.”
    It is a very good article but what about the difference in state syllabi. Different states have different syllabi.State syallabi must be changed and then NEET should be implemented.

    1. Just one question for your answer if ur state syllabus is different then why u r facing AIPMT exam… it’s just a difference of 10_15% in syllabus so it’s not a big deal… and in majority student face both AIPMT and State exam….

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