Best 5 Surgery Books For Medical Students in India

Books become your best friend when you are an MBBS or medical student. Here is the list of Surgery Books For Medical Students in India. These books are known for providing surgical resources for medical students and surgeons in training. Its a popular question which book to read for surgery MBBS in India? The books listed below are also available online and popular in book stores/sellers.

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Best Surgery Books For Medical Students

After getting collecting reviews online and from actual medical students we shortlisted best book. We will updating the list as we come across more good General surgery MBBS books.

Bailey & Love’s : Short Practice of Surgery

Bailey & Love's : Short Practice of Surgery (International Student's Edition - 28th)
Bailey & Love’s : Short Practice of Surgery

International Student’s Edition is available in the market for India. Bailey & Love’s is by P. Ronan O’Connell (Author), Andrew W. McCaskie (Author), and Robert D. Sayers (Author). It has more than 1600 pages and was published by CBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd. The book is ranked 1 on Amazon India in three categories: Colon and rectal Surgery, General Surgery, and Urology.

Sabiston Textbook of Surgery

Sabiston Textbook of Surgery International Edition

With over 2100 pages, this textbook is one of North America’s oldest continuously published. This international edition is by Townsend. It covers the biological basis of modern surgical practice. Sabiston Textbook of Surgery’s 21st edition is available on Amazon and other bookstores.

SRB’s Manual of Surgery

SRB’s Manual of Surgery

By M. SriramBhat is one of the best-selling surgery books on Amazon. It is considered a comprehensive guide to the complete field of surgery for undergraduate medical students.

Manipal Manual of Surgery (Vol 1&2)


Manipal Manual of Surgery Book by K. Rajgopal Shenoy. It’s one of the popular books aimed at undergraduate medical students. This book also has Multiple-choice questions so that you can test yourself. 6th edition is available in India (comes as Vol 1 & Vol 2). Make sure you order them together.

Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery

Best 5 Surgery Books For Medical Students in India

11th edition of this Textbook(by Seymour I. Schwartz) is avaible in market. Publisher claims its all time best edition of this book and also covers topics like enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), ambulatory/outpatient surgery etc.

Other books to be considered 

  • Long Cases in General Surgery by R. Rajamahendran (Primarily intended for MBBS students preparing for their final clinically.)
  • Bailey & Love’s Essential Clinical Anatomy by John S. P. Lumley, John L. Craven, Peter H. Abrahams, Richard G. Tunstall. (Covers the clinical conditions)

If you have any suggestions to extend this Surgery Books For Medical Students list, leave the comment below.

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